Spirit - Healing Sounds of Silence

Health Benefits

  • Enhanced mental health
  • Better sleep
  • Improved overall wellness


Do you live a loud lifestyle? When was the last time you sat in silence, drove in silence or just spent the day without television, radio or even conversation? Have you become so accustomed to background noise that when it’s not there, you search it out? Perhaps the most important question of all: What does all this noise do to your health even if it’s not harming your hearing?

When we think of dangerous noise, we think of loud sounds like jet engines or rock concerts that can harm our hearing. However, the scientific research is finding that even low-level noises can negatively impact our physical, mental and cognitive health. A 2003 report in the British Medical Bulletin links non-hearing-related effects of noise to insomnia, impaired learning and cognitive performance, heart disease and psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression.

We understand that not all noise is bad. But when the noise in our lives becomes incessant and pervasive, it can cause disharmony and imbalance. That’s why reducing noise “pollution” can positively impact mental and physical health. So that’s what this Action Step is all about.


During this Action Step you will be asked to assess the noise level in your life and then you will be given ways to embrace silence. That’s right, this week you’ll make some noise about the healing sounds of silence.

Why It Works

Too much noise exposure can have non-auditory negative health implications that can range from increased anxiety and depression to cardiovascular and cognitive issues. This Action Step also mentions that Nature has healing potential as well.


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