Rejuvenation - The Write Stuff

Health Benefits

  • Enhanced mental health
  • Improved overall wellness


Research consistently shows that writing can benefit a wide range of people. The physical act of writing instantly connects the mind to the body. Writing can help us calm spinning thoughts and unlock hidden insights. It is a great way to express the broad spectrum of emotions we may be feeling. And through this expression, there is release and relief. Because it connects the brain to the body, there is also physical, as well as emotional, healing.


During this Action Step you will be taken through different forms of writing, starting with a simple letter. You will be asked to increase your writing time. We encourage you to carve out time to focus and connect to your writing.

Why It Works

Many studies have demonstrated that writing therapy can benefit a wide variety of patients. People with IBS, hypertension, arthritis pain, depression and asthma have experienced benefits from writing therapy. In addition, studies involving people with cancer have shown that writing therapy can help improve physical symptoms.


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