Diet - Kitchen Basics

Health Benefits

Cooking and food preparation at home is associated with healthier eating habits. However, lack of cooking skills or low confidence in cooking skills, food preparation knowledge and cooking supplies are impediments to home cooking. Cooking at home is important because food prepared at home provides fewer calories per eating occasion, less trans and saturated fat, cholesterol and salt, and more fiber, minerals and vitamins compared to food prepared away from home.


It’s difficult to cook efficiently when we are unorganized or don’t have access to the proper tools. This Action Step is designed to give you a basic understanding of how to set up your kitchen in the most organized and efficient manner. If you are struggling in the kitchen, this is a great jumping off point for you.

For this Action Step, Thriver, we enlisted the help of our friend and colleague Rebecca Katz. Rebecca is a highly respected chef and nutritional educator. She is the author of many best-selling books, all of which we have because they are outstanding! The cool thing about this Action Step is that it features a few short informative videos, as well as provides several PDFs that you can simply print off and have as a handy resource. 


During this Action Step you will get some help with organization, how to properly stock your pantry, what kitchen tools you should have on hand, how to properly use your kitchen knives, and ways to spice up your spice rack. 

Why It Works

Cooking and food preparation at home is associated with healthier eating habits. Confidence in cooking is an important ingredient to increased home food preparation.  A key component of confident cooking is having the right supplies on hand.


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