Empower and Stay Connected with Your Patients

The iTHRIVE Plan is an effective and secure HIPAA compliant tool that keeps cancer centers connected with their survivors long after treatment has ended to ensure their patients continue to get the specialized care they need.


What Are Cancer Centers Saying About the iTHRIVE Plan?

"We are thrilled to offer the iTHRIVE program to our cancer survivors. As the only integrative cancer center on the central coast of California, our approach always addresses our patient’s quality of life and prevention of cancer recurrence. iTHRIVE is an evidence-based program that helps us with those goals. It is personalized and encourages wellness. Our patients engage because it's easy-to-use and just plain fun!“

- Cheryl Decker, MD, Director of Survivorship and Supportive Care with Mission Hope Cancer Center


"The iTHRIVE Plan is innovative and much needed in the world of cancer survivorship. I will definitely be recommending it to my survivor patients."

- Santosh Rao, MD, Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, AZ


"We are thrilled to offer this innovative plan to our cancer survivors. By combining this progressive online tool with the existing educational and support programs we offer, we have a powerful way to help survivors become Thrivers."

- Matt Mumber, MD, Radiation Oncologist with Harbin Clinic in Rome, GA

Streamline Survivor Care

Through an efficient administrative dashboard, cancer center staff can address the needs of patients in distress, communicate via broadcast messaging, and receive aggregated data and patient reports.  The software license can also include full integration into the center's electronic health records.


Gain direct benefits

The iTHRIVE Plan helps:

  • Generate clinical outcomes data
  • Gain added revenue through triggered follow-ups
  • Support fulfillment of clinical performance metrics

Track survivor care needs

The iTHRIVE Plan helps:

  • Triage clinical care needs of survivors with a distress flagging system
  • Broadcast messages to all survivors
  • Can autopopulate data into EHR through API integration

Support survivors' health

The iTHRIVE Plan helps:

  • Survivors heal from treatment

  • Survivors reduce risk of recurrence 

  • Survivors achieve optimal wellness

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