Transform from Survivor to Thriver

The iTHRIVE Plan provides individualized health guidance for cancer survivors so they can heal from treatment, reduce risk of recurrence, and THRIVE after a cancer diagnosis.
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The iTHRIVE Plan Strategies

The iTHRIVE Plan incorporates lifestyle recommendations based on five key strategies to optimize your wellness.


A Mediterranean-type whole foods, plant-based, unprocessed diet is the primary emphasis.


Movement includes exercise strategies, as well as tips on how to reduce inactivity in general.


Environment focuses on how to reduce the cancer-causing chemicals that can be found in body care products and your home environment.


Rejuvenation focuses on stress management strategies and ways to restore vitality.


Spirit encompasses ways to experience a value-based life inclusive of service, laughter, connection and love.

Strengths Report

Receive your individualized

After completing a short health and lifestyle survey, you will be presented with your personal Strengths Report and an individualized plan comprised of specific recommended daily activities in the key areas: diet, movement, environment, rejuvenation and spirit.

Top Action Steps for You

You’re in charge!

You will be presented with many activities to choose from within each lifestyle strategy. Each Action Step has five days of sequential activities and you can choose up to two Action Steps to work on at a time.

Need to skip a day?

No worries! The task will be waiting for you when you get back to your plan.

Not enjoying an Action Step?

You can easily remove it and choose another.

Attention Cancer Centers: Meet and Exceed the CoC Mandate

Engaging and easy to use for cancer centers and survivors, the iTHRIVE Plan meets parts 1 and 2 of the Commission on Cancer mandate and exceeds part 3 which requires providing lifestyle strategies to enhance recovery and reduce risk of recurrence.

Gain direct benefits

The iTHRIVE Plan helps:

  • Fulfill CoC survivorship care mandate
  • Generate clinical outcomes data
  • Gain added revenue through triggered follow-ups
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores
  • Gain a marketplace competitive advantage
  • Support fulfillment of clinical performance metrics
  • Meet meaningful use requirements
  • Broadcast messages about events and announcements to survivors
Track care needs

The iTHRIVE Plan helps:

  • Triage clinical care needs of survivors with a distress flagging system
  • Secure communication portal with survivors
  • Autopopulate data into EHR through API integration
Support survivors' health

The iTHRIVE Plan helps:

  • Support survivors’ recovery from treatment
  • Reduce survivors’ recurrence risk
  • Optimize survivors’ wellness

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