Detox All Year Long with Gentle Detoxification

At the start of a New Year, it is tempting to be enticed by the promises of a strict cleansing diet or fast. While these diets may have some benefits, they may be jarring and inflammatory. This is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. So, why not consider a gentle detoxification that you can engage in throughout the year?

One issue with strict cleansing diets and fasting is that the toxins stored in fat are suddenly released into the bloodstream, which can actually put a strain on your internal detoxification system and ultimately lead to inflammation. Alternatively, gentle detoxification includes comprehensive support, ongoing support of our health and wellness. With a focus on whole foods, exercise, sleep, hydration, and dietary supplements, gentle detoxification can take place every day.

To engage in a gentle detoxification, start the year off by vowing to drink green tea daily—green tea is a natural detoxifier. In addition, and as much as possible, eliminate food intake overnight. Stop eating by 8 pm and don’t eat until after 6 am. This nightly fast will positively influence the five key pathways (immune, inflammation, hormones, insulin resistance and digestion/detoxification) by improving cellular function, specifically cellular repair which is critical to efficient, consistent detoxification. 

If you would like a deeper detoxification experience, periodically remove all processed foods, sugar, dairy, and wheat from the diet, and eliminate alcohol and coffee. Be sure you stay well hydrated to encourage daily bowel movements. Maintain this for three weeks for optimal benefit. 

More comprehensive and sophisticated detoxification can be indicated for people with specific and known toxicities. For example, some people have high tissue levels of heavy metals or environmental chemicals that impair their health. These individuals will likely benefit from a tailored detoxification program developed by a naturopathic or integrative medical doctor who has training in environmental medicine. 

It is important to undertake these types of detoxification programs under a doctor’s guidance so that the impacts on the body and the effectiveness of the detoxification can be assessed and monitored. Please note that aggressive detoxification following cancer treatment should only be undertaken under the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider. 

Remember, ongoing gentle detoxification can take place every moment of every day with the support of the iTHRIVE Plan.