Exploring the Endocannabinoid System

There is a 600-million-year-old healing system in the body known as the Endocannabinoid System. It is now known that this ancient internal system is critical to regulating the proper function of a wide range of body processes. On this episode, Endocannabinoid expert Jade Beutler will describe how we can effectively support this healing system through diet, lifestyle, and dietary supplements.

About Jade Beutler


Jade Beutler is an accomplished natural products industry executive with a 25 year history of leading innovative and cutting-edge companies. During his career he has been responsible for the research, development, sales and marketing of several award-winning and best-selling natural products. As CEO of Barlean’s Organic Oil he created Omega-Swirl, an Omega-3 emulsion that completely disrupted and reinvented the Omega-3 category.  As CEO of Lignan Research, he won two biotechnology research grants in the development of Brevail, a recipient of a Komen Foundation grant for the prevention of breast cancer. Jade was honored as a recipient of the Ramzanov award in 2008 for excellence in product creation and innovation. He is the author of Understanding Fats & Oils, and Flax for Life.

Emerald Health Bioceuticals is a natural progression allowing him to practice his multidisciplinary skill set in one of the most exciting and promising frontiers of human health in the endocannabinoid system.  Jade is a licensed health care practitioner with dual credentials in respiratory medicine, R.R.T. and C.R.T.T.