Do More of What You Love, Flip the Switch on Weight Loss

Scientists have long known that when we do the things we love, the brain produces more serotonin, that powerful “feel-good hormone.” Researchers from The Scripps Research Institute recently discovered that increased serotonin also leads to more fat burning power and weight loss. They published their findings in the January 2017 issue of Nature Communications.

It’s true that when we are happy serotonin increases dramatically. We get a serotonin spike when we laugh, exercise, engage in creative expression, play with a dog or child, hang out in nature, or enjoy the company of a loved one. That activity makes us feel good but that’s only part of the story. As it turns out, serotonin signals another set of neurons that begin producing the hormone “flip 7.” Flip 7 then stimulates receptors on intestinal cells that begin turning fat into energy. And when we burn more fat we lose weight.

So it’s simple. To flip that weight loss switch to “on” just do more of what you love and do it more often!