Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This episode is all about reducing the toxic effects of travel. Whether you are on a plane frequently, take the train to work or commute in a car, expert guest Dr. Jonny Bowden will give you tips on how to offset the negative health effects of commuting. Learn what to do from a diet, lifestyle and dietary supplement perspective.

Travel can be fun but it’s often required for work (not always fun), and it’s a fact that many of us are on the move year-round. Actually, 3 billion of us took to the friendly skies in 2013, according to the Air Transport Action Group. Oxford Economics projects annual air passenger numbers will reach 5.9 billion by 2030. 

Whether it’s via planes, trains or automobiles, travel takes a toll on body, mind and soul, so it makes sense to know how to offset the unhealthy side effects of hitting the road. 

According to bestselling health/nutrition author Jonny Bowden, PhD., CNS, the trick is to maintain internal homeostasis (balance) as the world goes flying by. On the this episode of Five to Thrive Live, Bowden will provide helpful tips from Bowden for how to offset travel's harmful side effects.