Effective Treatment of Lymphedema

On this episode of Five to Thrive Live, Karolyn will be joined by physical therapist and lymphedema expert Tracey Podolsky. Tracey will explain what lymphedema is and how it can be effectively treated. More than one-third of women treated for breast cancer get lymphedema, which can be an uncomfortable condition that disrupts quality of life. This show discusses cutting-edge early diagnosis and treatment options.


Tracey Podolsky holds a Masters in Physical Therapy and is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, recognized by the Lymphology Association of North America.  Tracey has been practicing physical therapy with a specialization for 15 years.  She founded Wyatt Rehabilitation, a private physical therapy practice in West Long Branch, NJ, specializing in treating lymphedema and other swelling disorders. Tracey also co-founded a non-profit, Peapod Purse, a charitable organization that raises funds for patients without insurance coverage and creates lymphedema awareness in the community. Tracey’s passion is to assist her patients with balancing the psychological health with the physical health of this chronic condition.