Sound Sleep Advice

Scientific research has confirmed that lack of sleep or poor sleep quality is linked to many problematic health issues. It can even increase risk of cancer! On this episode, naturopathic expert Dr. John Neustadt will help listeners understand why it's so important to get the quantity and quality of sleep needed. He'll also provide practical information on how to sleep soundly on a consistent basis.

About John Neustadt, ND

Dr. John Neustadt was Founder and Medical Director of Montana Integrative Medicine and Founder and President of NBI and NBI Pharmaceuticals. He’s a Medical Expert for TAP Integrative and a frequent speaker at medical conferences. He’s an editor of a laboratory evaluations textbook, author of three books and more than 100 published research reviews. He was recognized by Elsevier as a Top Ten Cited Author for his work. Dr. Neustadt received 15 Orphan Drug Designation by the US FDA for the use of natural products to potentially treat rare diseases. His unique, clinically validated NBI dietary supplements for sleep, osteoporosis and other conditions have been shipped into 15 countries and used by doctors and patients to improve their health around the world.