Detoxification Done Right!

On this episode, Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama will share her inspiring story about how she became interested in functional nutrition. She'll then share her expertise about how to do an effective detoxification protocol. She'll discuss her 3 Tiers of Nutrition Mastery and give practical advice on how to thrive!


About Andrea Nakayama

Andrea’s become a big deal in the world of functional medicine, as a nutritionist who can help chronically ill people get better when no one else can. Her clinical skills have won her the attention of many world-renowned doctors, who consult with her on their own difficult cases. More than that, Andrea trains a thousand practitioners every year in how to have the clinical success she’s had. She’s training an army of change-makers in the field of healthcare.

Those triumphs came out of Andrea’s own tragedy, when her young husband was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor while she was pregnant with their only child. We’re so excited to welcome Andrea to Five to Thrive Live!