Going Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies

On this episode, Karolyn talks with Dr. Michael Lerner and Laura Pole about the new online resource they created called Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies (bcct.ngo). Listeners will learn about integrative healing practices that go beyond conventional cancer care. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you won't want to miss this show!

About BCCT

The purpose of Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies (BCCT) is to help you—a motivated person with cancer—explore the best integrative approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment that go beyond conventional cancer care. We write for family members, friends, clinicians, researchers, and cancer advocates as well. But you, the motivated person with cancer, are our principal concern.

We focus on what is scientifically known, or at least scientifically informed. Physicians often restrict their recommendations to what is scientifically known. You may feel you cannot wait for certainty.

If standard therapies offer no cure, or no strong prospect of extended survival, you face the double challenge of deciding among investigational therapies in mainstream medicine and the therapies in integrative, complementary or alternative cancer care.

The ultimate goal of BCCT is to contribute to evidence-based integrative cancer care. The immediate goal is to help you search for what might help beyond conventional therapies and mainstream investigational therapies.