The iTHRIVE Five Golden Health Strategies

"On the fifth true love gave to me five golden rings..."

You might wonder why we consistently focus on Diet, Movement, Environment, Rejuvenation and Spirit. Well, these are our Five Golden Health Strategies because they have the biggest impact on our health, recovery from cancer treatment and cancer risk reduction. Here’s the scoop.

The iTHRIVE Diet is plant-based and emphasizes whole, nutrient-dense foods while minimizing processed and refined foods. It incorporates powerful health promoting nutritional strategies based on a Mediterranean style of eating.

With Movement, we aim to optimize fitness and reduce inactivity. You can do this through exercise, stretching, and finding ways to move more daily. The goal is to move for at least 30 minutes daily and avoid being inactive for more than 90 minutes at a time.

It’s amazing how impactful our surroundings are on our health. By creating a healthy Environment you can enhance your internal health. Environment includes removing harmful chemicals from personal care products and household products as well as ways to improve the environmental safety of your home.

Stress happens and the iTHRIVE strategy of Rejuvenation can help you manage stress, restore vitality and improve rest and relaxation. We all could use a little more rest and relaxation don’t you think? Consider taking a 5 minute break today when you do nothing.

We wish for all our spirits to soar and with iTHRIVE we facilitate this with Spirit. The Spirit strategy is about living a values-based life inclusive of laughter, love, gratitude, community and mindfulness. Today is a perfect day to tell someone that you love them – delivered with a hug is even better!

There are many ways to incorporate the iTHRIVE Five Golden Health Strategies into your life. In recognition of our individuality, the iTHRIVE Plan provides personalized recommendations within areas of Diet, Movement, Environment, Rejuvenation and Spirit to increase one’s defenses against cancer and to maximize wellness along the cancer continuum. To learn more about how the iTHRIVE Plan can help you implement these strategies to reduce cancer risk visit 

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