Crackin' the Case of Egg's Bad Wrap

"On the sixth true love gave to me six geese a laying..."

Speaking of laying, Thriver, have you heard that eggs have gotten a bad wrap? It’s true! There has even been an entire movement promoting egg whites because the humble little egg has been tainted by misinformation. But it’s time to “crack” this case and set the egg free! 

The fact is, eggs (specifically those yummy egg yolks) are a powerhouse of nutritional perfection. Eggs are a great source of lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, folate and other important nutrients. Yes it’s true that eggs (specifically those demonized yolks) contain cholesterol but that doesn’t mean that eating them raises cholesterol levels. “Current scientific data do not justify worries about egg consumption, including egg yolk, when it comes to heart health,” according to Harvard researcher Dr. Luc Djousse. And other researchers agree.

In fact, eggs are so healthy that it’s likely that an egg a day may keep the doctor away. Of course, everything in moderation and if your doctor has told you to limit your egg consumption, it’s best to listen to that EGGxact advice.

One caution about eggs: buy “cage free,” “grass-fed,” or “organic” eggs to avoid eggs that come from chickens that have been fed antibiotics and other harmful chemicals

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