Leap Joyfully into Your Day

"On the tenth day...my true love gave to me ten lords a leaping..."

Ten lords a leaping! That would cause most people to gasp and cry out with wonder and excitement – whether you are one of the leaping lords or someone watching those lords leaping! Certainly, ten men leaping in unison would be exhilarating, after all, there’s a reason for the expression, “leap for joy”. When we leap, we spring forward with our leg outstretched into the unknown. Who knows what will happen, where, or how we will land? How thrilling! We are leaping into the unknown, and yet, we leap filled with joy at the possibilities that await us.

And, that, Thriver, is exactly how we can meet each day. This is especially true after we have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, such as cancer.  When we confront our mortality, each day that we are alive becomes a precious gift to be cherished, for who knows what tomorrow will bring. We lay our heads down to sleep, grateful for today and trust that we will wake up to experience a new and glorious day tomorrow. Of course, we can greet that day by either groggily stumbling our way through, or we can leap joyfully into the new day and all of the possibilities it holds. 

So, Thriver, the choice is yours – will you leap into your most wondrous and precious day?

Twelve Days of iTHRIVE